Двери PREGNO — Way of life

Урбанизация практически не затронула пейзажи, некогда описанные Петраркой и запечатленные на холстах Джорджоне. Это все и вдохновляло таких гениальных архитекторов как Скамоцци, Вичентино, Палладио и великих художников как Беллини.
Здесь древние традиции и самые современные технологии сосуществуют наравне. Основное направление для фабрики – изготовление мебели с использованием старинных приемов краснодеревщиков и самых передовых технологий.

The widespread urbanization has not erased the landscapes described by Petrarch and painted by Giorgione.
Aspects, facets and ancient traditions coexist with state of the art technologies. The persistent application of the traditional virtues of handicraft and industrial activities, such as the spirit of initiative and imagination, are the reflections of blazing lights from this territory that continue to illuminate the world. And which have also edified the creativity and cleverness of great architects, the Vicentine Scamozzi, the Paduan Palladio, and great painters, from the Bellini dynasty to Tintoretto and Tiepolo…and still today it offers sought-after products, as they were in ancient times for the Athenians and Syracusans.